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League Tournaments - To be posted soon!

Minimum qualification for any league tournament = 6 weeks.

Qualifications for the 1-pt tournament:
1-pt player must have at least 50% of his weeks played at 1-pt to qualify.
No average cap for 1-pt players; 2-pt players with .450 average or less.
Repeat winners are ineligible for the 1-pt tournament.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to exclude any player based on known ability.

Qualifications for the 2-pt tournament:
All players qualify for the 2-pt tournament.

Qualifications for the Partners tournament:
All players qualify for the Partners tournament. However, pending the final number of 1-pt and 2-pt entries, the Tournament Committee may, at its discretion, place some players into 1-pt or 2-pt positions as needed to complete the draw for the tournament.