Metro Pool League

The MVP award is voted on by all teams at the end of each season to celebrate the skill and professionalism
shown by an individual, not only to his team, but to the league as a whole.

Year Winner Team
2017 Pat Briand Buddys
2016 Colin Maloney Buddys
2015 Colin MacDonald Shotz B
2014* Brian White
Mike Weagle
Burnside B
2013 Duke Dugas Doolys Kempt
2012 Mike Weagle Supercue
2011 Ken Shea Burnside
2010 Pat Briand Shannon B
2009 Pat Briand Shannon B
2008 Pat Briand Doolys Sackville B
2007 Pat Briand Spryfield Q B
2006 Don Matheson Burnside
2005 Gordie Lynch Almon
2004 Ken Shea Burnside
2003* Billy Meuse
Ken Shea
Club Q
2002 Dale Young Rodeo
Dale Brimicombe
John McCoombs
Club Q
2000 Bob Massia Shannon
Ed Skinner
Art Durant
Fairview Legion
1998 Robert Bradley Burnside
1997 Dave Boone Halifax Q
1996* Dave Boone
John Snyder
Halifax Q
Halifax Q
1995 John McCoombs Burnside
1994 John McCoombs Burnside
1993 Ken Shea Burnside
1992 John McCoombs Burnside
1991* Art Durant
Dave Boone
Mic Mac Lodge
Halifax Q
1990 Robert Bradley Mic Mac Lodge
1989 Dale Young Mic Mac AAC
1988 Bob Massia Mic Mac AAC
1987 Pat Briand NECA Club
1986 Pat Briand Scotia Legion
1985 John McCoombs Mic Mac Lodge
1984 Ken Shea Mic Mac Lodge
1983 Art Durant Fleet Club
1982 Dick Barker Civic Workers

* - co-winners