Playoff Winners

Year "A" Division "B" Division "C" Division "D" Division
2013 Burnside B Almon B Dooly's Kempt Dooly's Burnside B
2012 Dooly's Burnside C Dooly's Rockingham B Almon B Fairview
2011 Dooly's Sackville B Almon A Almon B Dooly's Kempt A
2010 Burnside Snooker Club Dooly's Portland B Almon B Rodeo Lounge
2009 Shannon A Dave Doolittle's Dooly's Kempt A Resolutes
2008 Dooly's Sackville B Locas A Lake Loon Dooly's Bedford
2007 Burnside Almon Billiards Players Club Big Leagues
2006 Burnside Doolittle's Captain Eli's Dooly's Kempt
2005 Spryfield Q B Shannon Captain Eli's Oasis
2004 Club Q Lake Loon Oasis Buster's
2003 Club Q Almon Dooly's Kempt Nashville
2002 Burnside Almon Centennial Angie's
2001 Burnside Oasis Resolutes Penny on the Park
2000 Club Q Almon Centennial Legion Home Stretch
1999 Corner Pocket Centennial North End Pub Big Leagues
1998 Burnside Mic Mac AAC Centennial Legion Captain Eli's
1997 Burnside Ship Victory Oasis  
1996 Halifax Q Spryfield Q Central Q  
1995 Burnside Colby Resolutes  
1994 Burnside Central Q Capital  
1993 Burnside Spryfield Q Load of Mischief  
1992 Burnside Fairview Legion Spryfield Q  
1991 Burnside Fairview Legion Elmwood  
1990 Mic Mac Lodge The Q Resolutes  
1989 Mic Mac Lodge Fairview Legion Resolutes  
1988 Mic Mac Lodge Fairview Legion Load of Mischief  
1987 Mic Mac Lodge      
1986 Mic Mac Lodge      
1985 Mic Mac Lodge      
1984 Scotia Legion      
1983 Mic Mac Lodge      
1982 Mic Mac Lodge      
1981 Scotia Legion      
1980 Mic Mac Lodge      
1979 Topsail Club      
1978 Mic Mac Lodge      
1977 Fleet Club      
1975 Carpenter's Hall      
1974 Carpenter's Hall      
1973 Carpenter's Hall